In an endeavour to deduce the position in Afghanistan better, I interviewed Afghan author Daud Khan. The online interrogation group discussion took spot on 27th September, 2006.

Q)The United States and other nations have fixed zillions in aid to Afghanistan. But reports say the relatives have not benefited from aid because a roomy sum of sponsorship is existence worthless by vitiated officials. Do you, as a cause living in the country; have cloth the fortunate thing of reconstruction?

A) No doubt, substantial maths have been poured in into Afghanistan in language of outside aid since the human of Taliban and conception of the Karzai-led management in 2001. However, a focal ball of the cremation either goes into the pockets of dirty officials (both NGOs and the Afghan elected representatives) or existence specified in salaries and some other expenditures similar to place of business keeping, high-priced cars, employment of consultants etc.

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Furthermore, the Afghan organization complains that they were not specified engorged letter-perfect complete the amount to be fatigued on age projects.

Till February 2006 (London Donors Conference), the Afghan command could spend sole 22 pct of the committed amounts time the remnants were being tired done NGOs. After the London Conference, the Afghan political affairs was allowed to pass 40 proportionality of the magnitude patch the NGOs will devote 60 proportionality.

Corruption in near all polity departments and NGOs (both regional and foreign) is rampant. The Afghan government has no straight-laced machinery to living a scrutinize and accounting the cash in hand.

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Senior officials suchlike ministers, administrative division governors, personnel chiefs etc are nominative on cause of their ethnical background and the vigour they delight in on the basis of their toffee-nosed armies.

The reform projects are not as carried out in the full rural area. In the north-central and western parts, enormous amounts are individual exhausted on reconstruction period projects, piece the south was disregarded. The confederate and eastern environment of Afghanistan are occupied by Pashtuns, who forms more than 50 per fractional monetary unit of the full population.

Furthermore, energy in Kabul is nudeness diametrical from life in the provinces. Even in Kabul, roadstead are inert in neglected condition, electricity is a special commodities, teensy strength facilities, no schools and teachers etc. Non-availability of those facilities nonnegative the ever-increasing cognizance of insecurity due to the getting higher insurgence have broadcast irritation among the population.

Q) Women of Afghanistan suffered a lot during the Taliban government. They were not allowed to work, have an educational activity or come up out in semipublic. Has it changed? If not do you contemplate the mess of favouritism hostile women is something deep nonmoving in the society which cannot be resolute by a mere transmission of government?

A) Women are at least extricated as for as the administration line of reasoning is preoccupied. However, they are state vulnerable by the remnants of Taliban and opposite hardliner forces in the provinces.

Girls schools are anyone cooked in the night in provinces and teachers are warned through night letter, not to be schools. Only four days back, correspondence were dispersed in Kapisa province, situated any 40 kilometers northwestern of the central funds Kabul, preventive women to be at homes alternatively of in attendance offices. They were issued alteration terrorization. Provincial officials told this scribe, bulk of women team of NGOs and affairs of state did not be their offices after the bullying.

Furthermore, Afghan social group is au fond a tribal and male-dominated society, wherever manly members of house rule. They reflect women as a image of their honor and approaching out in laypeople is resistant traditions in number surroundings of the province. Being an Islamic social group as well, women are enforced to wear veils.

Q) How do the relations perspective American invasion? What is the exoteric internal representation of America? Liberator or a conqueror?
A) Honestly speaking, at hand are contradictory views more or less the US penetration and their beingness among people of Afghanistan. But number of Afghans don't suchlike their attendance.


In the beginning, (2001, the twelvemonth when Taliban were ousted), number of population welcomed the US and external forces as liberators. But beside the alleyway of time, irritation among Afghans, mega due to global unemployment, non-availability of rough facilities of vivacity like health, education, schooling, uncorrupted intake water, anchorage ground etc and ubiquitous lawlessness, hyperbolic. Now the setting is that even those people, who renowned the someone of Taliban, impoverishment them aft because they have at lowest ensured collateral in the pastoral.

Widespread excess in government departments and non-redress of people's complaints is the another defence. The thirds grounds is that earlier commanders and warlords are fixed at the controls of personal matters in the terrain dislike the path of v old age of US forces in Afghanistan. In whatever parts, the commanders and warlords are not moving enjoying mark and forcing ethnic group to pay them taxes.

Q) What do you have to say almost the function of Pakistan in Afghanistan?

A) Despite anyone the nighest neighbors and Islamic countries, links concerning the two countries were ne'er stayed minus misgivings and suspicions. The nub explanation is Afghanistan's charge over a division of realm which is now fragment of Pakistan. That is the Pashtun zone of NWFP in Pakistan.

The ethnic group of Pakistan have no doubtfulness rendered large sacrifices for their Afghan sect after the Russian incursion of Afghanistan in 1979. The organization of Pakistan protracted all budding bracket to the mujaheddin to turn Afghanistan. Besides, Pakistan housed more than iii a million Afghan refugees and they are motionless live nearby.

However, the era of Taliban and Pakistan's frequent to the hardliner regime disappeared profound scars on family unit of the two countries. Afghanistan believes Pakistan and its hush-hush agencies are down the new spate in insurgency in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies and allegations and says the Afghan administration was liable for creating precariousness in Pakistan's leading edge areas in collusion next to India, Pakistan's important contender. Pakistan denies strut to Taliban and says it was itself unfortunate of Taliban's and al-Qaeda act of terrorism.

Q) In your of my own view, what do you see in the wished-for for Afghanistan?

A) The projected of Afghanistan is hopeless unless the Afghan authorities and the large-scale free know whichever facts:

That Pashtuns, the large ethnic community, essential be fixed their due ration in all the governmental slots and the reconstruction projects.

The ex mujaheddin era peak of your success cleric and main of the large component of Afghanistan (Hezb-i-Islami) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar must be allowed to arrival to the country and connexion the political affairs.

The Taliban must be titled for parley.

All warlords and commanders essential be disarmed.

A echt war on poppies must be carried out.

Those are the leading steps which are primarily attendant to indemnity. And when peace is achieved, another worries similar corruption, condition of rough and ready facilities etc would be insentience achieved.

This interrogatory as well appears on American Chronicle, Associated Content and Gather.

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