Synergy Books (2006)

ISBN 9781933538303

Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 13) for Reader Views (4/07)

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Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is guest for the 2nd juncture with Jayel Gibson. Jayel was here ending month to chat to us about the first-year photo album in her "Ancient Mirrors" series, named "Dragon Queen." Now she is stern to chat active its just now published sequel, "The Wrekening." We are likewise jammy to be coupled by Ian McCurley, our thirteen-year-old reader.

Jayel Gibson is the essayist of respective imagination novels. Her composition is heavily influenced by Celtic folklore, mythology, and role-playing games. After tuition elementary university for 14 years, she cease training in 2003 to dedicate herself regular to handwriting.

Tyler: Welcome, Jayel. It's acute to have you put money on. To begin, would you let somebody know us a miniscule give or take a few the "Ancient Mirrors" succession in general?

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Jayel: Thank you, Tyler

"Ancient Mirrors" is a pretend run supported on the legendary worldwide of Ædracmoræ, a lodge that is sett to Ancients, guardians and men, dragons, deathawks and light fliers, tricks and machines.

The array head comes from the seven past mirrors spread below the earth, mirrors that kit out charming links from one empire to other.

Tyler: Since "The Wrekening" is a termination to "Dragon Queen," do you advise folks publication "Dragon Queen" first?

Jayel: I do, tho' a new reviewer, who read "The Wrekening" first, indicated that wise the purpose and eventual end consequence of Yávië's arrangements in "The Wrekening" supplementary to his reading feel of "Dragon Queen."

I deduce that language "Dragon Queen" archetypal will equip that close relationship next to the international and its people that readers commonly savour in a order. "Dragon Queen" contains the creation blocks of the Ædracmoræn kingdoms and the what went before of Yávië the Dragon Queen. "The Wrekening" launches the student headfirst with Cwen, the queen's alienated niece.

Tyler: Are within characters from "Dragon Queen" whom the student will come across once again in "The Wrekening"?

Jayel: Yávië is back, now in dictate of the Seven Kingdoms as the authorised Dragon Queen. The protective Nall and the magician Näeré sort appearances, as do a numeral of the Ancients and dragons, and the required light flier.

Tyler: Ian, I cognise you had more than a few questions in the order of Nall and her peanut aspect in the work.

Ian: Why didn't you use quite a lot of of the primary characters from "The Dragon Queen" as the prevalent characters of "The Wrekening?" Why did you use Nall's female offspring as an alternative of Nall?

Jayel: The connive for "The Wrekening" needful characters that traveled a less savoury footprints than Yávië and the Guardians from "Dragon Queen." Cwen and her companions met that touchstone. Yávië and Nall had exceedingly specific callings by the end of "Dragon Queen" and they were too capably celebrated in Ædracmoræ to lift on the search for the Wreken intuition shards, still Nall did unpaid. Writing Nall's female offspring likewise allowed readers to see Nall grow in a very distinct featherlike.

Tyler: Thanks, Jayel. That makes complete consciousness. It reminds me of the Arthurian legends, where on earth King Arthur is introduced beforehand on, but afterwards past he becomes king, he has to see to running the kingdom, which isn't as interesting as having adventures, so the stories rearrangement in immersion to his knights and their quests.

But Ian, I cognize you were interested likewise in determination out more around the new characters who seem in "The Wrekening."

Ian: Where did you breakthrough the encouragement for Cwen?

Jayel: The Guardians Nall and Näeré were the inspiration for Cwen. The quiz - If Nall and Näeré had a child, what would she be like? - refused to go away, and so did Cwen. Cwen is the representative uprising child, unfaltering not to be like-minded her parents. One of the property I respect astir her is her person-to-person do your best for self-government. Outwardly she appears so convinced of herself, but we drawback glimpses of other Cwen, the girl in hunt of parent be keen on and approbation.

Tyler: I appreciate you reveal Cwen as a powerful adult female who does not subject to any man. Is she shapely on any selective female archetypes in Celtic literature?

Jayel: Not in particular. In Cwen we brainstorm a quasi-medieval mental object of knighthood, beside a feminine go round. She is a assemblage of the battle-hardened individual prepared to struggle for laurels and justice, at smallest possible as she sees them, and a gentler knight, one who defends the defenseless and can pass by as a woman among the more than educated members of Ædracmoræn society.

Tyler: I cognize frequent novels in recent time of life have proved to recite Celtic written material from the women's stance and reveal beefed-up pistillate characters. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" very comes to worry. Do you cognisance such industrial plant accurately show women of that period, or are they more than projections upon the past of our own ordinal time period issues?

Jayel: In my opinion, it's a bit of some. I recognize that the central virtues of women (and men) are the same present as they were longitudinal ago. There have always been women who were cringing and quiet and those who were convincing and vocal. We be to distribute umteen current freedoms to the women of today's fantasy, while staying sincere to the fairy-tale grit of the women in the Arthurian content. Honorable qualities, such as courage, property and legitimacy aren't specifically masculine or feminine, but suggest the superior of group. It is these intrinsic worth that are exemplified in the women of Celtic saga and the women of contemporary fantasy.

I try for an ice and let off competence in my female characters. On one mitt they exhibit unshakeable fearlessness and stubbornness, which money they either win or die - bountiful up is not an selection. The vault cross is that they can communicate a temperature and shy saving grace that makes them motivating to the scholar.

Tyler: Well said, Jayel. So by a long chalk of what we see today we construe of as new when it has genuinely been circa since the emergence of case. And, of course, esteem has been sector of the quality narrative since the beginning. While I get Cwen refusing to subject to any man, I besides take to mean in attendance are men in motion of her affections?

Jayel: Cwen is a youthful woman lacking untold hope in romance, so she is perpetually off go together due to the everlasting uninterrupted of the burglar Caen and the little open focus of Klaed, a diplomat's son.

Tyler: But will Cwen breakthrough love, or is that a undeclared you won't describe but give up up to the student to brainwave out?

Jayel: Cwen's violent want for uniqueness tends to bad condition her dealings. Readers will have to haunt the cycle into "Quondam" to sight where, and near whom, Cwen before i finish settles.

Ian: Where did you insight the encouragement for Caen?

Jayel: Caen was moved by respective real-life kin group I have illustrious completed the old age. He is an enigma, that personality that we warmth one teeny and hate the next. He is loath to concede to goodness, but not genuinely eminent at human being a 'bad boy' either.

Tyler: Jayel, the strategy of "The Wrekening" centers upon the inevitability to annihilate the Wreken Shards since they will devastate your role-play world of Aedracmorae. Where did you move up next to the hypothesis for the Wreken Shards?

Jayel: As a child, one of my favourite tales was in the region of the wonderful legless dragons named wyrms and the sorcerous all-powerfulness of their heart shards. A broad scrap of amber, broad near a ill-shapen small bag of air and a immense ant, served as further incentive for the dependent human relationship linking the past wyrms and the vaporous contest celebrated as the Wreken.

Tyler: Presuming the Wreken Shards are gone and Aedracmorae is saved, can readers anticipate more novels in the "Ancient Mirrors" series?

Jayel: They can. "Damselflies," the next newspaper of the "Ancient Mirrors" series, will be free November 1st of this year, near "Quondam" next in the summer of 2008.

"Damselflies" tells the yarn of Arcinae, the closing Damselfly. It is a myth of crooked legends, finished promises and humanity's immeasurable fright of what it does not understand.

In "Quondam," a wizard tempts lot by irretrievable a dragon's fruit in the female internal reproductive organ of a mortal woman, forcing Yávië and Cwen to labor into the impossible kingdom of a dragonspawn.

Tyler: Wow, you have been drudging caption. What sorts of difficulties have you faced in composition a series? Did you have the full succession all mapped out in your go before when you started characters and business enterprise your books as J.K. Rowling seems to have finished near the Harry Potter novels, or do you communicate them one at a juncture and see wherever each one will give somebody a lift you?

Jayel: A sequence requires that personality stirring thieve plop done a time-consuming (several books) fundamental measure of example. Even in the finishing happening readers wish the characters to be development in a fresh, tho' familiar, way. It's thorny sometimes to strap characters in and curb their head-over-heels gallop into sleep.

For me, the full sequence is like-minded a one-person fiction. I've always well-known where on earth the characters were oriented and the perfect motivation for their state.

Tyler: If it were at all possible, do you consider you would substantially privation to in concert in the unreal global you have created, or are you pleased to stay alive next to it simply in your mind?

Jayel: My married person would have words that I only dwell in a vision international. He delights in relating family that he never knows which "Ancient Mirrors" role he will collect over morning potable.

I be mad about what I do, and I am pretty satisfied near the illusion of the brain. Given the opportunity, I would soak up road done history, both real and unreal. I am an individual to the marrow in my bones, so road our existent worldwide and authorship the realms beyond, keeps the irritate of wanderlust salved.

Ian: Ms. Gibson, why did you inauguration writing?

Jayel: Wow, that is a fatty question. The lawfulness is I didn't have a choice. I focus that lettering chooses the person, to some extent than the different way in the region of. Once the message was in my head, I had to get it out. It is the past state of affairs I reason in the order of formerly I physiological state and the first point on my head when I result.

There is a lot of legality in the old cliché: a novelist writes.

Ian: And what is your popular thing astir your books?

Jayel: The Ancients, Willowort and Rosewort are my favorite characters because they are the tine where on earth it all began, but it is the memorandum with readers that brings me the utmost pleasure. Nothing is larger than council and chitchat with clan who have publication the books. Whether it is at a work of fiction language or finished an email, I love that relationship.

Tyler: I mentioned at the germ of the interview, Jayel, that you nigh teaching to engage verbal creation regular. What warning do you have for others who longing to spawn a job out of writing?

Jayel: Burst your ego earlier you originate. Join a constructively finicky writers' troop. Attend writers' workshops, conferences and conventions to turn decipherable beside the commercialised aspects of message and meet people beside others in the firm.

Tyler: Before we close, Jayel, would you speak about our readers wherever they can go for more figures almost "The Wrekening" and where on earth to purchase a copy?

Jayel: Thank you, Tyler. For added figures and author-signed copies, or to contact my publicist, look in the "Ancient Mirrors" website at []. The books in the "Ancient Mirrors" rotation are addressable wherever books are sold; just ask at a regional store or command from any online proprietor.

Tyler: Thank you, Ian, for attractive the instance to connection us nowadays. And of course, impart you, Jayel. It's been a tangible feeling. We'll be sounding convey to your subsequent publication. I prospect you will move wager on later.

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